Saturday, 10 December 2011

1.    1. What major changes do you think Katniss and Peeta have gone through since the beginning of the novel?
A: I believe that Katniss and Peeta have become more hardened since the beginning of the novel. Both of them have seen more bloodshed in the span of several days than most people see in a lifetime. This experience must have made Peeta and Katniss much tougher emotionally.
2.      2..How do you think Katniss’ life will change once she gets back to the Seam? Do you think she will continue to hunt because she enjoys it? Will she still go to school?
A: Katniss seems like someone who is very humble and not one to show off so I believe her life will not change very greatly. She may move into the house that all the other winners of the competition live in but I think the only thing she will use her money for is to buy food for her family, and Gale’s for all he’s done to help her. I also think she will continue to hunt because it seems like something she genuinely enjoys doing.
3.      3..Do you think Gale’s view of Katniss will have changes since he saw her in the Hunger Games?
A: I think Gale’s view of Katniss will change slightly because he will realize that she is dangerous and has the capability to kill but I don’t think his view of her as a person will change.
4.      4..How do you think Gale will react to Peeta and Katniss’ intimacy during the games? Will he have an adverse reaction?
A: I think Gale will attempt to seem like he does not care about how Peeta and Katniss acted during the game but I do think it will affect him. Peeta and Gale may even end up fighting to spend more time with Katniss.
      5.  Do you think Katniss will attempt to contact Rue's family in order to give them      some   sort of closure over Rue's death and try to give them some money to try   and pay them back for Rue's help.
           A: Yes, I believe Katniss will contact Rue's family and offer monetary assistance.

6.                  Peeta said that no matter what happened in the arena he wanted to stay as himself. Did             he achieve this?
            A: Yes and no. Peeta did go back to kill that one boy but he also did everything he could               to protect Katniss from the careers.
7.                  After reading the Hunger Games and seeing how often Katniss acts and makes things up             has your view of reality T.V shows changed?
            A: No, my view of reality shows has not changed. I always knew reality T.V shows were    more acting than reality.
8.         Do you think there is a parallel between the class based system of the Hunger Games      and the feudal system of medieval times?
            A: Yes I do. It seems that after dealing with whatever disaster hit society the world          devolved a thousand years back into the heavily class based system of medieval Europe.
9.         Do you think Haymitch's character has changed over the course of the book?
            A: Yes, I think it has changed. It seems that when Haymitch realized that Peeta and          Katniss were true fighters that had a chance of winning his entire attitude changed. At         the end of the book he even warned Katniss of what could potentially happen to her.
10.       Do you think that the wolf hybrids at the climax of the book were actually modified         versions of the contestants or simply animals made to look like the contestants as ploy     against whoever was still alive.
            A: I think it was a ploy because modifying the minds and bodies of the contestants to       resemble werewolves seems like a lot of work for such a menial task.

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