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Discussion Questions     Conflict

1.What do you believe Peeta means in a example form when he says "only I keep wishing i could think of a way to show the capitol they don't own me"?
A.Like him killing or getting rid of people or disobeying the rules without a punishment from them.
2.Why do you think Katniss risks her life to go find peeta?
A.I believe she has feelings for him?
3.Why do you think Peeta teamed up with the careers?
A.I think he stayed with the careers because he wanted to stay safe but mostly to get the careers to not go for Katniss.
4.Why does Katniss trust Rue?
A.I believe she trusts Rue because Rue had opportunities to kill her but she didn't she helped her. that and the fact she reminds her of prim.
5. Why do you think Haymitch does not send her gifts when she ask for it?
A. i believe he doesn't send her a gift because he knows she is close to what she needs and because he knows she will find it.
6.Why do you think Peeta who is still injured goes to hunt Cato?
A. i believe he goes hunting for Cato because he wants nothing to happen to Katniss.
7.Tresh lets Katniss live why?
A. Katniss was teamed up with Rue and took car of her she also gave her a proper burial.
8.Why does Katniss try to give her lucky pin to Rue?
A.I think she tried to give her the pin because she reminds her of prim and she wants her to have luck in the games.
9.Why does Katniss waste her money on a infected goat?
A.I think she thinks she can nurse it back to health and because she does anything to make her sister happy. she also will be getting milk.
10.Why did  Haymitch only send a gift after they kissed.
A.I believe Haymitch is sending signs as in people sponsor them when they kiss therefore stay together.

I believe the concept of Katniss and Peeta being in love was brilliant as it showed the sponsors that they are very close. This inevitably will ensure that the sponsors donate towards them in the games. This move will get them more gifts to be able to fight and allow them to live longer. By showing others their strong alliance, it will intimidate and frighten those who may come up against them in the future.

I truly believe it may have been a bad idea for Katniss to shoot the arrow in the apple thereby grabbing the judge’s attention and consequently receiving high scores.  These high scores will bring on the wrong kind of attention for Katniss. Competitors will see her as the top opponent, and may want to kill her first as a result to rid themselves of the strongest competition early.

In standing up for her sister Prim, Katniss displayed great bravery and heroism. She put herself in the line of fire to protect her younger sibling from harm’s way. Prim has no experience in killing and would be extremely vulnerable if targeted by a competitor. As opposed to her sister Prim, Katniss has it within her to kill and feel no remorse. She regularly goes hunting with her best friend Gale and they are always successful in their pursuit to kill their prey. Katniss is also an expert with a bow and shows no mercy to others who cross her path. Prim, on the other hand, wouldn't hurt a fly.


When Katniss first starts off in the Hunger Games, she decided to forgo the pursuit towards the weapons as it was too dangerous to do so.  Instead she went for the bag of supplies which only one other person headed for. This tactic enabled her to have a better chance at obtaining the supplies.  Unexpectedly, however, the other person going for the supplies grabbed the bag at the same time. Unfortunately for this person, another girl armed and coming from behind went straight for the kill. This previous move allowed Katniss to get away. This was a good choice for Katniss as it meant she did not have to faceoff with a more threatening competitor.

Rue, a friend of Katniss, pointed out a tracker jackers nest and suggested that something be done about it.  Katniss then chose to cut the tracker jackers nest down from the tree. This decision may not have turned out to be a good idea as she could have fallen victim to the stings as well as did some of her enemies. Katniss was stung several times and fell short of dying as a result. This scenario demonstrates how well Rue and Katniss work together as a team despite having just met a few moments prior.

Eventually Katniss and Rue made an alliance. After getting to know Katniss a little better, Rue realized that her partner had many more sponsors than she did. Both however brought a lot to each other.  Katniss brings strength to their partnership with her hunting skills and Rue brings forth her medication and herbalism expertise. This makes it easier for Rue to survive teaming up with Katniss because she gets food.  I believe Katniss has an honest partner in Rue. Instead of withholding the information about the tracker jackers, Rue warned Katniss about the oncoming danger ahead.

Journal #3

I was shocked when Rue was killed because I thought they would be going to the end of the games together. Katniss was too late in trying to save her friend but found retribution by killing her killer. Katniss was saddened by this event and covered her with flowers to honour her comrade. Rue reminded Katniss of her sister and this made her passing that more emotional as a result. I believe the death of Rue was an eye-opener in that she will be facing all other battles on her own.

Thresh lets Katniss live. I believe that was a big mistake as Katniss is higher ranked than her. Thresh will face stiffer competition especially with Peeta on her side. Katniss is a very valuable team member as she offers food, weapons and medicine.

Katniss uses Peeta for food as it will benefit her down the road. If they demonstrate love for each other, they will receive gifts. Unexpectedly, however, Katniss begins to fall in love with Peeta. Peeta has always been willing to do anything for Katniss as shown when he gave her bread. I believe that Katniss should not have used Peeta initially because it was not the right thing to do. It’s also wrong because Peeta believed that Katniss had true feelings for him when, in fact, this was untrue. 

Peeta is injured and cannot help Katniss very much. This weakens their team tremendously. Katniss is now giving her food and medicine, which she should be using for herself later on. I believe Katniss should use her supplies on Peeta because it exhibits the love she has for him.

Although injured, Peeta proves to be useful in guarding the premises. This allows Katniss to catch up on some sleep for at least a night or two. I believe that Katniss demonstrates her trust in Peeta by allowing him to guard them both. This will allow them to get gifts in the end.

Katniss and Peeta will have to face Cato knowing he is the last tribute still standing. As they were going to hunt down Cato, Katniss sees him running towards them. She fires an arrow at him, hitting him straight on. Unfortunately for them, however, Cato was wearing body armour. Katniss and Peeta were scared as he kept running towards them. They then realized they were also all being pursued by wild dogs which are also known as genetically mutated killing machines. Cato climbs up the
After a struggle in the Cornucopia, Cato fell to the ground where the mutts attacked him. Suffering and severely injured, Katniss shot an arrow to put him out of his misery.
A conflict arose after the death of Cato. There can only be one winner in the Hunger Games. Katniss draws her arrow to kill Peeta but can’t do it. Peeta is willing to kill himself for Katniss but she did not allow that to happen either. They both decided to kill themselves by grabbing a red poisonous berry; the same one that killed Foxface.  I think Katniss’ idea of killing themselves was brilliant because they finally got their point across. It proves they were not ruled by the capitol. 

 Cornucopia first and the others followed. I believe Katniss should have worried about getting Cato off the Cornucopia instead of focusing on the appearance of the mutts. She wasted valuable time in doing this.


  1. I don't think Katniss shot the arrow near the judges for all the attention she actually got, I think she just wanted to know that they should be watching and not just ignoring her.

    Just because Katniss hunts regularly doesn't mean she doesn't feel any remorse, maybe she doesn't want to kill the prey all the time, maybe she just feels she has to do it for her family's survival.

  2. On the first journal: I think it wasn't completely a bad strategy for Katniss to score an eleven from the Gamemakers.
    It shows that even though she comes from one of the less wealthy districts she is just as much of a competitor as the career tributes. Sure, some may see her as someone to eliminate right away. But some might see her as a good person to team up with, because they know she has great skills? Also because she got a high number she will receive more sponsors.

  3. On your second journal: I find Katniss's reason for choosing Rue as someone to team up with isn't that great. She basically just wants to protect her because she reminds her of her younger sister Prim. Rue does help Katniss by defeating some career tributes. However I think that if Katniss had decided to work together with Peeta and completely trust him in the first place, they would have dominated the competition easily.

  4. On the topic of your second journal I don't think Katniss should have teamed up with Rue because she was basically just and extra mouth to feed. Rue brought a few good skills to the table such as being able to swing through trees and profound knowledge of the various flora of the region. In my opinion Katniss would have been able to survive perfectly fine without these skills.

  5. About Rue’s death I was also surprised about it. An author doesn’t normally kill a character so young and one that hasn’t been fully introduced so early. I also think it was a good twist in the plot. The death angered Katniss and inspired her to win. Not only this but it gave her another chance to rebel when she decorated Rue’s body with flowers.

  6. about this shivu thresh lets her live because she was with rue Katniss would have died if she wasn't.

    "On the topic of your second journal I don't think Katniss should have teamed up with Rue because she was basically just and extra mouth to feed. Rue brought a few good skills to the table such as being able to swing through trees and profound knowledge of the various flora of the region. In my opinion Katniss would have been able to survive perfectly fine without these skills."