Sunday, 4 December 2011

Journal 2, Capitol Hospitality

This journal will be talking about Katniss and Peetas stay at the Capitol Prior to the games and the differences between the capitol and district 12 (the seam). Along with all the other contestants, Katniss and Peeta have made the trip down to the Capitol for pre-Hunger Game activity. In the book the Capitol is a very rich place and the Seam in District 12 can be compared to a present day ghetto. While reading i noticed the transition from the Seam to the Capitol was drastic like turning a baby to an adult instantly. In the seam, food is are hard to come by and is often illegally sold and hunted, whereas in the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta were introduced to intricate dishes that were new to them.  Each District is also assigned a stylist crew to decide the wardrobe of the contestants. Since Katniss and Peeta are from a poor district they receive a rookie stylist named Cinna who is only making his first appearance as a Stylist at the Hunger Games. At first Katniss thought Cinna would be mean and arrogant but as we get to know more about him Katniss develops a trust in him. Cinna prepares Katniss and Peeta for the opening ceremonies in matching fire costumes that literally burnt bright! This flaming entry to the games won the two contestants the hearts of many sponsors for the Games who may later be more generous in giving gifts to them. Later on, each contestant gets a training session in front of judges who will give them a score. Katniss goes last as she is the girl from the last District. Most of the judges are tired and just want to go home and don't pay much attention to Katniss and this upsets her. Her rage escapes the chains that held it back and she shoots an arrow right through the apple in the mouth of the pig at the judges table nearly hitting a judge, then she storms out. On the day were the training scores are announced Katniss prepares for a low score, but the opposite happens, Katniss scores a remarkable 12 which was the highest of any other contestant. I thought she received a high score because the judges liked the intensity she showed and her impressive accuracy

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  1. When Katniss got scored an 11 i think she was happy. In my opinion i believe this to be rather bad due to the fact in the last games the contestant go for the most Challenging opponents first. Therefor making it harder for Katniss to stay alive in the games.