Friday, 9 December 2011

Journal #3

Journal # 3 Alliances

When katniss decides to make an alliance with Rue, she knows that Haymitch might be upset but Katniss knows what she’s doing. In her alliance with Rue, I think it is a good thing because Rue isn’t that much of competetion towards Katniss. There’s bad things about it too, Rue reminds Katniss of Prim, her little sister. That’s a bad thing because she probably will be killed throughout the games and Katniss will see. Or if Katniss has to do it herself so that she could win the hunger games.

I twas a good idea like i said to make an alliance because otherwise Katniss wouldn’t have known stuff like; Peeta isn’t with that group anymore, or that that group has a bunch of food, and how to turn her sunglasses into night vision glasses. Rue is very helpful for Katniss, with the information and the help with her burns. It’s a very good thing that Katniss gave her some food and helped her out to because, otherwise it’s just Rue giving all her help towards Katniss and her not repaying the favor.

When Rue tells her how the career tributes have a big food supply, and that’s when Katniss knows its time to start planning. She has a very good mind for the games, because she knows how to strategize and plan for ahead. I think she has more confidence because it is two of them planning to go hunt for the food supply and not just her because I don’t think Katniss could be able to do it herself, because of all the things shehas been through, throughout the hunger games.

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  1. I think overall it was a bad decision to make an alliance with Rue because Katniss knew she would have to kill or see Rue get killed eventually, she just set her self up emotional to get hurt. Despite how much good Rue did for Katniss it was far worse to watch her die.