Sunday, 4 December 2011

Journal #2

I think it was extremely wrong for Katniss to pretend to be in love with Peeta. She completely took advantage of his feelings to be able to win the Hunger Games. Her main reason for pretending to love him and kissing him was to get more gifts from her sponsors, which would help her win. She didn't care much for how Peeta would feel afterwards. I only believe Katniss healed him when he was wounded because she felt as if she owed him for basically saving her life twice in the past. However it could be possible that she helped Peeta because she cared for him as a friend. However, this is highly unlikely based on how much she disliked him during the training. It seems to me that Katniss has more romantic feelings for Gale rather than Peeta. This part of the book reminds me of the reality show “The Bachelor”. This show is where there is one bachelor who goes on dates with twenty-five women who wish to get married with him. A certain number of women are eliminated each week, until the bachelor is left with his final woman he wishes to marry. The reason why this show relates to The Hunger Games is because just like Katniss there are sometimes woman who go on the show for the wrong purpose. They see the show as a way to become famous, since every couple who is formed on The Bachelor is followed my paparazzi and documented in magazines. These woman lie about their feelings to achieve their goals just as Katniss does. In conclusion, I find if you were to relate what Katniss is doing to a real life situation she comes off as a rather careless person.


  1. I disagree for Katniss to pretend to be in love with Peeta as it saved both of there lives without them acting like they really love each other they would not have as much sponsors therefore dying or starving in the games. Katniss did not take advantage of his feelings because he new to survive and achieve gifts they needed to act as they were together, in love.

  2. I agree that the show The Bachelor does relate to Katniss's character at that point but i think she does help Peeta when he is wounded because she cares for him not just because he saved her life twice before. Yes, maybe that's another reason that she did help him but wouldn't you do the same for someone that helped you out? I agree that Katniss is showing the wrong signs towards Peeta, but she has to for the games. Which is totally wrong, I get it, but that's what Haymitch wanted, and maybe Katniss thinks Peeta is acting like that for that reason too.