Alicia Page

Q: Why is the forest forbidden and what are some of the memories Katniss has from the forest?

A: The forest is forbidden and chained off because of the game that lives beyond it. There are vicious animals like lions, bears and wild dogs that have been fenced off from District 12 so they do not attack the people who live there. Katniss hunts all of her game in the forest that she uses to trade, and she also collects plants. One time she was with Gale when a girl and boy in tattered clothing were running through the forest. They yelled for help but Katniss didn’t move. The boy was killed and the girl was abducted by a type of spaceship.

Q: What would the Capitol be like compared to the Seam, who lives in each?

A: The Capitol is for the rich, the mayor and everyone else who has power lives there. It is full of well dressed people, large buildings and high tech gadgets. The Seam is where the poorest people live, the ones that don’t have any power, and barely enough food to feed their family. The main job here is coal mining. They hardly ever have electricity. This is where Katniss and her family live. Her best friend Gale, and her fellow District 12 tribute, Peeta.

Q: What is the name of the country, how many districts are there?

A: Originally North America, After  droughts, storms and war, 100 years later it’s the country of Panem. There were 13 districts, however during a rebellion district 13 was bombed and ceast to exist. 

Q: Describe the town’s square.

A: The square is filled with many shops, like the bakery that Peeta’s father owns. The hob, which is a black market.  Katniss’s father would always bring her there to trade the game they had shot. The justice building which is where the reaping is held.

Q: What is the time period? How do you know?
A: It is set in the future, roughly a 100 years from now. You can figure this out based on clues like the gadgets being described by Katniss once she is in the Capitol. For example, there’s a microphone so when you whisper into it any food you want it will appear before you hot and steamy.

Q: If you were Katniss would you prefer being in the Capitol or the Seam?

A: If I was Katniss I would love to have the chance to eat well and train in the Capitol but overall to be back home in the Seam. This is because no matter how luxurious the Capitol is, when the hunger games begin Katniss has very little chance of surviving. Also I would much rather be at home making sure my family is safe , healthy, and not causing them to worry about me.

Q: Why do you think Cianna, Portia and Haymitch want Peeta and Katniss to seem like close friends?

A: I think this is a game strategy they came up with to first of all make them stand out to the sponsors, since no other tributes have ever acted this way. Secondly, because in the game the other tributes will expect them to fight for each other. Two people fighting as a team are a lot more threatening than a single person.

Q: Who do you think has a better chance of winning, Katniss or Peeta? Why?

A: I think that Katniss has a better chance of winning the Hunger Games. This is because she has proven to be an excellent hunter. She even thought to herself that she had a good shot at winning if she could just imagine the people as animals. She can use weapons far better than Peeta, and she has survival skills. Peeta does not have a better chance because his best skill is his strength. He has very little skills with weapons or staying alive.

Q: What type of atmosphere do you think the Hunger Games will be set in?

I think the games will be set in a forest like area. This is because you need skills to survive in a forest; there are plenty of places to hide, and resources to use. In the past Katniss says that one year the games were placed in a frozen tundra, which was not as entertaining because the tributes just froze to death.

Q: How do you think wealth effects the Hunger Games?

A: I think money effects the games greatly. First of all, because the wealthy tributes have trained their whole lives to be put into the games. They eat properly, practice all of the skills, and they wish to be in the games.  Also the wealthier districts are the ones who sponsor the tributes and bet money on them.


  1. I found that these questions were very thought provoking. To answer the question for where I would choose to live if I was Katniss,I would choose to live in the Capitol. Judging by the way the author describes the Capitol it seems like a ridiculously easy place to live. Personally,I would much rather live a life of easy and simplicity over a difficult life where I have to do a large amount of work.

  2. I agree with Shivu when he says he would much rather live a easy and simplicity life over a difficult life where I have to do a large amount of work because Katniss has been doing that sinnce her dad has died and a bit before so choosing to live a simple life would be the best for Katniss after she wins the hunger games.