Friday, 9 December 2011

Journal 4

Well, this is my fourth and final journal, so as Shivu did imma mix it up! So I've decided to make a Grinds my Gears segment based on my major and minor dislikes of the book. First off, the whole idea of the Hunger Games was to show that rebelliousness would not be tolerated and to show that the Capitol owned them. Pardon my language but how the hell would taking innocent children's lives show that they were owned? I mean correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that just make people rebel even more due to angry? A more efficient way of doing what the capitol intended would be policing around and punishing those who openly opposed instead of punishing weak innocent children. BUT then of course the whole book never would have happened. On to my second dislike of the book, Peeta and Katniss' "star crossed lover story." Come on man! give me a break I thought this was an Action story! Now all of a sudden I'm reading about two poor teens making out in a cave? Hold on playa I want a action packed thriller with tons of action, Katniss running from Cato, He launches a knife at her but BOOM, she dodges it! that kind of thing. I think it was just a little overboard  and dramatic the way they acted in the cave. Those are the two major things that bugged me while reading. But lastly a little side note, the whole gift from sponsors thing didn't make sense to me, how did the get little parachutes to land exactly where the tribute was? and when Peeta and Katniss where in the cave how did they get gifts, does a cave not have a roof? Well i guess that's it for what grinds my gears about Hunger games. Let me know what grinded your gears!

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  1. I actually liked the fact that Collins found a way to add a bit of romance into an adventure story. I found it to be a great contrast. Also the whole "star-crossed lovers" relates to how we are reading Romeo & Juliet in class. I think this mainly based on the berry trick that Katniss pulls at the end of the novel so she and Peeta would both win.